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Art-C Things is your one-stop artsy shop!


Art-C Things creates personalized art which includes, but is not limited to paintings, signs, logos, and invitations. 


At your location customized art and paint parties are also offered.

Who is Chelsey Lindaberry?


Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved doing artsy things.  Whether it was coloring in my coloring book or constructing figures out of my Play-Doh, I always knew I wanted to grow up and do something related to art.  


I attended Lycoming College and earned my BA as an Art Generalist.  This allowed me to also work towards and earn my teaching degree in Art and Special Education.  Two things that I love are teaching children and creating artwork.  I am lucky enough to be able to do both!


I am currently a High School Art Teacher in New Jersey where I use my artistic skills and creativity on a daily basis.  I love color and problem solving and am constantly encouraging my students to utilize both.  


Painting has always been a passion of mine.  Being able to put a brush to a plain, white canvas and create something beautiful with three ingredients, a paintbrush, paint, and an idea, was always intriguing to me.  There are no words to describe how rewarding it is to finish a piece of artwork that you are proud of.


I find that many people are scared to put paint to canvas because they are afraid of making a mistake or rather creating something ugly.  My goal is to show others that anything is possible.  With a little confidence and some guidance, anyone can create beautiful, wall-hanging good artwork!

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